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Kangana Ranaut Condemns Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal,’ Strongly Hints at Career Shift

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal,’

Hints at Career Shift: ‘Audiences Encouraging Women-Beating Films… Where They Are Asked to Lick Shoes’ ,Kangana Ranaut Contemplates Career Change Amidst Criticism of Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’Kangana Ranaut, while refraining from directly naming Ranbir Kapoor’s latest film ‘Animal,’ expressed strong disapproval on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Monday. She criticized the audience for endorsing movies that feature ‘women beating’ scenes, where women are portrayed as mere objects subjected to degrading acts like licking shoes.

This sentiment, she conveyed, was deeply discouraging, particularly for someone who has dedicated her career to empowering women through films.

Hinting at a potential career shift away from the film industry, Kangana Ranaut explained that she has turned down roles alongside Bollywood heavyweights such as Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and Ranbir Kapoor, not due to personal reasons, but as a commitment to the cause of women’s empowerment. She questioned the audience’s role in the evident regression of women’s portrayal in films, pondering whether the film industry alone is to blame or if the audience also bears responsibility.

Responding to a fan praising her film ‘Tejas,’ Kangana Ranaut  acknowledged the overwhelming negativity surrounding her films, expressing her ongoing struggle against it. She indicated a potential shift in her career in the coming years, emphasizing a desire to dedicate the best years of her life to a more meaningful pursuit.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

In a series of tweets, Kangana Ranaut highlighted the concerning trend in recent films where women are reduced to decorative roles, stripped of dignity and clothes, reminiscent of the early years when she entered the industry. She recounted her efforts to challenge these norms by taking on roles in female-led films and standing against big production houses.

Addressing speculation about a potential political career, Kangana Ranaut clarified that she is venturing into the restaurant business and emphasized that politics is not a business but ‘lokseva’ (public service).

Notably, Javed Akhtar had recently criticized a film with a scene where a man asks a woman to lick his shoe, deeming its success ‘very dangerous.’ In ‘Animal,’ there is a scene where the lead character, played by Ranbir Kapoor, instructs another character to lick his shoes to prove love. The Animal team, in response, criticized Akhtar, defending the artistic integrity of the scene.

The controversy surrounding ‘Animal’ has extended beyond Kangana Ranaut’s critique. Renowned lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar recently expressed concerns about the success of a film where a man instructs a woman to lick his shoe, deeming it ‘very dangerous.’ The team behind ‘Animal’ countered Akhtar’s remarks, asserting the authenticity of the scene within the context of the film.

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s outspoken commentary on the state of women in films has ignited discussions about the industry’s responsibility and the audience’s role in supporting or challenging regressive portrayals. Kangana, in her tweets, reflected on the evolution of her own career, from early days of vulgar item numbers to her recent efforts in promoting female-led films such as ‘Gangster,’ ‘Woh Lamhe,’ ‘Fashion,’ ‘Queen,’ ‘Tanu Weds Manu,’ ‘Manikarnika,’ ‘Thalaivii,’ and ‘Tejas.’

As the discourse continues, the film industry faces scrutiny for its depiction of women, with Kangana Ranaut questioning whether the audience’s preferences contribute to the regression of women in films. Her contemplation of a potential career shift and engagement in ventures beyond cinema suggest a nuanced perspective on the industry’s trajectory.

The intersection of art, societal values, and audience reception remains a complex terrain, and the ongoing dialogue spurred by Kangana Ranaut’s comments underscores the industry’s evolving dynamics and the imperative for nuanced storytelling. As stakeholders engage in these conversations, the future of Bollywood may witness transformations that transcend the screen, impacting societal perceptions and expectations.

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