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Khushi Kapoor : Christmas, Acting Aspirations, The Archies Debut, and Beyond1


Khushi Kapoor
Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor Unveils Her Journey in a Heartfelt Interview.

In her first detailed interview since entering the film industry with Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies,’ Khushi Kapoor sat down. Dressed immaculately, Khushi, despite her glamorous appearance, revealed herself as a simple girl at heart. In a cozy chat at her new Mumbai house, she opened up about Christmas memories, family vacations, and her aspirations for the future.

Reflecting on the joyous debut in ‘The Archies,’ Khushi Kapoor shared her Christmas memories, including the fun of setting up a tree after many years and moving houses. As her family usually jetted off for vacations during this time, Khushi Kapoor acknowledged that coordinating everyone’s schedules for a getaway is now a challenge.

When asked about her wishes from Santa, Khushi Kapoor expressed her desire to keep working and growing, emphasizing her contentment with the current trajectory. As for Christmas rituals, she shared plans for a cozy gathering with friends, baking cookies at home, and donning fun Christmas pajamas.

Discussing her journey into acting, Khushi revealed that following in the footsteps of her mother, the legendary Sridevi, and sister Janhvi was a natural decision since childhood. Recollecting her early experiences on movie sets, she fondly remembered accompanying her mother during the ‘Malini Iyer’ show and her vivid memories of the ‘English Vinglish’ set.

Addressing her unconventional choice to audition for ‘The Archies’ instead of opting for a launchpad, Khushi explained that the film brought together diverse talents through a rigorous audition process. She felt blessed to work with an amazing team, including director Zoya Akhtar, and emphasized the familial bond formed during the project.

Navigating fame as an individual celebrity, Khushi admitted that it felt strange but was a pleasant surprise to receive love and appreciation from people. She acknowledged the duality of public perception and the importance of staying grounded amidst both praise and criticism.

Khushi also shared a touching detail about the premiere of her debut film, where she wore her mother’s dress from 2013. It wasn’t a planned fashion statement but a heartfelt choice to feel her mother’s presence on the significant day.

In this exclusive interview, Khushi Kapoor bared her heart, offering readers a glimpse into her genuine and down-to-earth persona as she embraces the exciting journey ahead.”

Continuing the conversation, Khushi Kapoor delved into her family’s influence on her decision to pursue acting. Growing up in the public eye, she acknowledged that her playground was often a movie set, and her fascination with the camera and storytelling drove her towards the world of cinema.

Recalling her experiences on her family’s movie sets, Khushi reminisced about accompanying her mother, who had taken a backseat from acting during her early years. She vividly remembered moments from sets like ‘Malini Iyer’ and ‘Wanted,’ where she got a glimpse of her father, producer Boney Kapoor’s, filmmaking world. However, it was the set of ‘English Vinglish’ that left an indelible mark on her, as it marked her mother’s comeback film, and Khushi was actively involved in the entire process.

Khushi Kapoor
Khushi Kapoor

Addressing the unconventional decision to audition for ‘The Archies,’ Khushi emphasized the meritocratic approach taken by the film’s team. She shared insights into the collaborative effort and the shared commitment of everyone involved, which forged strong bonds akin to a family.

As the interview touched upon her recent foray into the spotlight, Khushi reflected on the dual nature of fame. While she found it strange to be recognized and appreciated individually, she acknowledged the importance of real-life interactions as a reality check. Meeting people during promotions and feeling their genuine appreciation offered her a new perspective amid the often polarized online feedback.

In a poignant moment, Khushi shared the significance of wearing her mother’s dress at the premiere of her debut film. It wasn’t a calculated fashion choice but a heartfelt decision to feel her mother’s support on a momentous day, underscoring the emotional connection she maintains with her late mother.

In conclusion, the interview with Khushi Kapoor provided readers with an intimate look at her personal and professional journey, blending glamour with authenticity as she steps into the limelight with grace and sincerity.

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