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Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sen Sharma Serve Up the Heartwarming Killer Soup

Manoj Bajpayee
Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sen Sharma Serve Up the Coziest ‘Killer Soup

Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sen Sharma, stars of the upcoming dark comedy thriller “Killer Soup,” engaged in a lively discussion about their project at HT’s Delhi office. The duo, welcomed with enthusiasm and a traditional dhol performance, were in for a delightful interaction with winners of the “Stars in the City” contest, including fans from places like Chandigarh and Gurugram.

Manoj Bajpayee
Manoj Bajpayee

Addressing the relative silence surrounding their upcoming black comedy crime thriller, slated to stream on Netflix from January 11, 2024, Manoj Bajpayee explained the intentional secrecy, stating, “We are offering something so new and bizarre that we didn’t want any word to go out and take a chance with the content itself. It will be a surprise gift for everyone.”

Konkona Sen Sharma expressed her excitement about the project, emphasizing its uniqueness. She shared insights into her character and the fictional town setting, describing it as a departure from anything seen before. The two actors commended director Abhishek Choubey for his guidance during the making of the series.

Amidst lighter moments, the camaraderie between Manoj and Konkona took center stage. Manoj humorously shared, “Mai toh Koko (Konkona Sen) se bahut pange leta hu (I often tease Koko), we had so much fun on the set. I am so natural with her, there is no formality.”

Delving into the dark comedy genre and its prevalence on OTT platforms, Manoj expressed, “OTT is the best medium for dark comedy. One person can enjoy alone and laugh, you don’t need people around you which happens in the theatre, which is why we are seeing more and more of dark comedy on OTT.”

Manoj Bajpayee
Manoj Bajpayee

Responding to a fan question about Manoj’s fitness routine, Konkona praised his discipline, calling him an inspiration. Manoj, in good humor, replied, “It’s not about how I am looking, it’s about how I am feeling, humse poocho haddiyon ka haal! (Ask me about the condition of my bones!).”

As the conversation delved deeper, Konkona reflected on how her artistic journey has enriched her understanding of different realities through diverse characters. Manoj, recalling his days at Delhi University, expressed gratitude for the experience, highlighting the city’s vibrant theatres, inspiring teachers, and the invaluable exposure to learning English and theatre.

The engaging interaction provided fans with a glimpse into the chemistry between the two actors and heightened anticipation for the unique and surprising offerings of “Killer Soup.”

The interaction took a light-hearted turn when a fan questioned Konkona Sen Sharma about how her art has influenced her as a person. Konkona shared the complexities of the transformative experience, mentioning instances where she related to characters on a personal level, such as her role in “Wake Up Sid,” drawing parallels to her own outsider experience in Bombay.

Manoj Bajpayee, known for his powerhouse performances, shed light on his college days at Delhi University. Expressing gratitude for the enriching experience, he reminisced about studying in Satyawati College and later migrating to Ramjas. Manoj credited Delhi University for providing a conducive environment for his passion for theatre, language learning, and English proficiency. His gratitude extended to the exceptional teachers, vibrant theatres, and a plethora of books that shaped his artistic journey.

The engaging session not only unveiled the excitement surrounding “Killer Soup” but also provided a glimpse into the personal journeys of Manoj Bajpayee and Konkona Sen Sharma. The intentional secrecy around the project has heightened curiosity, and their candid exchange with fans has only added to the anticipation for the dark comedy crime thriller set to unravel on Netflix. As the release date approaches, audiences eagerly await the surprise that the star-studded cast promises to deliver.

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