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Orry Craze: Unmasking the Enigma of Orhan Awatramani’s Internet Stardom in 2023


Orry Unveiled: A Deep Dive into the Internet’s Adoration for Orhan Awatramani in 2023

Orry, also known as Orhan Awatramani, has masterfully positioned himself at the intersection of ubiquity and enigma, embodying the epitome of contradiction.

The year 2023 witnessed a surge in curiosity, with figures ranging from Karan Johar to long-lost friends asking the burning question, “Who is Orry?” Subsequently, inquiries delved into the realm of Orry’s occupation, leaving us at the year’s end with only the cryptic proclamation by Orry himself: “He’s a liver. He lives.” The desire to emblazon this enigmatic declaration on a T-shirt is met with irony, as the Orry machinery encapsulates succinct yet superficial philosophies adorned in vibrant hues, embodying the essence of contemporary Instagram culture.


Orry’s core identity lies not in self-definition but in association, as evidenced by his presence in the vacation pictures of notable figures like Nysa Devgan and Khushi/Janhvi Kapoor, who were spotted in his snapshots. He seamlessly infiltrated our Instagram feeds through Stories reposted by his celebrity friends. The bio on his Instagram profile, devoid of any explicit qualifications granting him access to Bollywood’s inner sanctum, appears to be a subtle dig at nepotism: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

In his pursuit of personal development, Orry has crafted a retort for every inquiry into his profession. In an interview with Hindustan Times, he recounted an “ahan moment” when Shanaya Kapoor criticized him for interrupting her film shoot.he defended himself by asserting that he, too, was working, albeit his Instagram Stories suggested otherwise. His response, “Yes, she is on set, she is acting, she’s an actor. I am living, I am a liver,” highlights his commitment to the art of self-improvement.

His ability to shield his occupation from the prying eyes of an information-saturated world is commendable. He has also skillfully concealed his educational background, with rumors suggesting a graduation from the Parsons School of Design in New York. Despite his claims of being from the ‘school of life,’ he leverages these evasions to strike a delicate balance—being taken seriously for his associations while avoiding judgment for his lifestyle.

A common thread among hid circle is their Mumbai upbringing, primarily consisting of second-generation Bollywood star kids with whom he shares a history of school days. Even those outside the film industry, like Bhumi Pednekar and Kiara Advani, become part of his social circle through familial connections. his gradual expansion of friendships serves as a public declaration, allowing him to navigate the fine line between inclusivity and exclusivity.

Despite his apparent privilege, Orry skillfully sidesteps nepotism accusations. He becomes a guilty pleasure for Page-3 enthusiasts, offering a window into the aspirational lifestyles of celebrity offspring without the weight of a famous last name. The mystery surrounding his occupation further shields him from allegations of leveraging connections to secure coveted positions.

Close associates reveal that, with his rising popularity, he has instructed them to remain tight-lipped about his profession. When questioned, they echo Orry’s elusive sentiments. This intentional ambiguity adds to the allure of Orry, encapsulated in responses like Ananya Panday’s on Koffee with Karan: “He’s known but misunderstood.”his charm lies in this paradox—widespread visibility coupled with an elusive identity—a delicate equilibrium in an era marked by overexposure and fleeting attention spans.

In recent months, hehas cultivated a distinctive persona, notably since his appearance on Bigg Boss 17. His playful ignorance, such as claiming unawareness of the ICC World Cup, aligns with the perception of Gen-Z lacking in general knowledge. This clueless appeal, reminiscent of Alia Bhatt’s infamous President of India gaffe, positions Orry as a willing subject for meme makers shaping contemporary pop culture, particularly on platforms like Instagram Reels.


Characteristic of his generation, Orry rejects definition or judgment while actively seeking validation. He desires a voice in all matters but resents scrutiny regarding the depth of his knowledge. In an age where information is readily available, the emphasis shifts from ‘what’ to ‘how,’ exemplified by Orry’s unconventional choices, such as donning a Pokémon-laden outfit to The Archies premiere. His nostalgic nod to ’90s anime reflects a preference for the experiential over the specific, allowing him to stand out without alienating himself.

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