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Preity Zinta fact-checks whether her real name is Pritam in a hilarious post, playfully blaming Bobby Deol for the confusion 1

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta fact-checks whether her real name is Pritam in a hilarious post, playfully blaming Bobby Deol for the confusion

In her caption, Preity Zinta mentioned that Bobby Deol jokingly referred to her as Pritam Singh.

Stop everything and head straight to Preity Zinta’s Instagram feed. The actress has shared a hilariously clarifying post about her “real” name. In the video, adorned in a black cowboy-neck outfit, Preity Zinta addresses the confusion surrounding her name, saying, “Hi everyone. So I’m here because a lot of people keep asking me if Preity Zinta is my real name or if it is Preetam Singh Zinta. So I just want to make it clear that Preetam Singh Zinta was never my name. I don’t know how it’s made to Google and how it’s made to Wikipedia. My real name has always been Preity Zinta. And now, I have added a G to it. G for Goodenough, but since it’s too long, one G is good enough for me. So now, I’m Preity G Zinta, and I made sure I didn’t add the G in the end. Otherwise, it would have been Preity Zinta G. So, it’s just Preity G Zinta. I hope that makes it clear. So my name was always Preeti, and wherever and whoever has put it out there that it was Preetam Singh Zinta, I don’t know, it’s just made up. I hope that clears everything. Bye.”

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Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Alongside the video, Preity Zinta wrote, “Over the years I have consistently read in various media articles that I have changed my name from Preetam Singh Zinta to Preity Zinta. I have tried to set the record straight so many times by telling everyone that, on the sets of ‘Soldier,’ Bobby Deol called me Preetam Singh as a joke (pls ask him why he chose that name when you meet him). The movie became a blockbuster, our friendship flourished & since then Preetam Singh – the name is still stuck to me….. Bachaao. So one last time folks – Preetam Singh was NEVER my name. It’s always been Preity. Hope this clarifies everything once and for all

In response to the post, Bobby Deol said, “Preetam Singh, I gave you this name. It suits you, but sorry didn’t realize it would confuse people. I love you, my Preetam Singh.”

Preity Zinta has graced the silver screen in many popular films, including Veer-Zaara, Kal Ho Naa Ho, and Koi… Mil Gaya.

Preity Zinta’s playful revelation about her name on Instagram not only left fans amused but also provided a humorous insight into the origins of the name “Preetam Singh.” Dressed in a stylish black cowboy-neck outfit, she clarified the misconception surrounding her name, emphasizing that “Preetam Singh Zinta” was never her actual name. She humorously added that her real name has always been Preity Zinta, and the recent addition of a “G” to it signifies “Goodenough.”

In her Instagram caption, Preity further addressed the recurring confusion and clarified the historical context behind the name. She shared how, during the filming of “Soldier,” Bobby Deol jokingly called her Preetam Singh, a playful name that stuck and became a running joke between them. The film went on to become a blockbuster, solidifying their friendship, and the whimsical moniker continued to stick with her.

Responding to Preity’s post, Bobby Deol joined in on the fun, acknowledging that he gave her the name Preetam Singh and expressing his affection with a playful apology for any confusion caused. The light-hearted banter between the two Bollywood stars showcased their camaraderie and added a delightful touch to the amusing revelation.

Preity Zinta, known for her versatile performances, has been part of several iconic films, and her recent Instagram post not only dispelled a persistent myth but also showcased her wit and charm in dealing with such amusing situations. As fans eagerly await her upcoming ventures, this episode added another memorable chapter to the vibrant world of Bollywood.

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