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Salaar Box Office Collection for Day 1 and Day 2 Marks a Resounding Success


Salaar Box Office Collection Update:

Salaar, touted as the biggest release of the year, has made its highly anticipated debut in theaters, leaving everyone astounded by its earnings. The film’s substantial fanbase set records on the opening day, evident in the impressive 1.8 million interest rate on Bookmyshow before its release – a significant milestone for any movie.

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Box Office Performance by Day

  • Day 1 (Friday): ₹95 Crores INR
  • Day 2 (Saturday): ₹90 Crores INR
  • Total Collection Till Now: ₹185 Crores INR

Despite facing a clash with Shahrukh Khan’s Dunki at the box office, Salaar has managed to perform exceptionally well. Both films, competing for attention in theaters, have garnered positive responses. Let’s delve into the latest earnings reports for Salaar.

Prashanth Neel’s action-packed film, starring Prabhas, enjoyed a stellar opening at the box office. On the first day in India, Salaar raked in ₹95 Crores, fueled by a substantial number of advance ticket sales. Even before its official release, the movie had accumulated nearly ₹60 Crores nationwide, indicating a high level of anticipation. In Telugu alone, Salaar achieved ₹3.5 Crores in advance sales. The Hindi version witnessed a remarkable 189% surge in bookings, reflecting the audience’s keen interest in North India.

With a strong start, industry experts predict continued success for Salaar in the upcoming days. Prabhas’ immense fan following and Prashanth Neel’s track record with the blockbuster KGF Chapter 2 contribute to the positive outlook. Critics have lauded the movie for its thrilling promise and the impressive cast. According to reviews, Salaar is poised for sustained success in the future.

Day 1 Box Office Collection exceeded expectations, surpassing the predicted range of ₹100 to ₹110 crores. The film’s phenomenal debut, earning ₹95 crores, not only underscores Prabhas’ star power but also highlights the effective collaboration between the lead actor and director Prashanth Neel, renowned for KGF Chapter 2. Salaar’s outstanding start positions it as a major player in the box office, hinting at a highly successful run in the days ahead.

Day 1 Theatrical Attendance Report,

Salaar enjoyed a spectacular inaugural day in theaters, attracting a sizable and enthusiastic audience. The anticipation for the movie was palpable, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement. The theaters experienced significant occupancy, particularly in key locations. Remarkably, over 1.8 million fans had marked Salaar in their interest list on BookMyShow, highlighting the widespread eagerness for the film.

The substantial number of bookings on BookMyShow serves as a testament to Salaar’s popularity and the genuine excitement surrounding its release. Beyond its box office success, movie has transcended into a cultural phenomenon, with a multitude of viewers eager to witness the special collaboration between Prabhas and director Prashanth Neel unfold on the big screen. The remarkable turnout on Salaar’s first day, coupled with these exceptional booking figures, reaffirms that it is more than just a movie—it stands as a grand, exhilarating event that has captured the attention and enthusiasm of numerous movie enthusiasts.

Salaar Global Box Office Performance Salaar achieved widespread success on the global stage, particularly resonating in diverse linguistic regions. Its release in five languages—Hindi, Telugu, English, Tamil, and Kannada—contributed significantly to its triumph at the box office. Notably, the Telugu and Hindi versions emerged as particular favorites, proving Prabhas’ popularity in India.

The impactful combination of Prabhas’s star power and Prashanth Neel’s exceptional direction made movie a major hit, particularly leaving a lasting impression in Telugu and Hindi markets. The film’s success worldwide underscores its broad appeal, and the strategic decision to release it in multiple languages proved to be astute. Salaar stands out as a significant and prosperous movie, enjoying admiration not confined to one region but resonating globally.

Hit or Flop Verdict

it’s premature to definitively label movie as a hit or a flop given its recent release, initial indicators and the strong response on its first day suggest a promising trajectory. The film performed impressively on Day 1, amassing over 110 crores across all languages, indicating widespread enjoyment.


The movie’s fate in the coming weeks, as it contends with other releases and sustains its momentum, will ultimately determine its overall success. The exact budget for Salaar remains undisclosed, but estimates place it between ₹300 crores and ₹400 crores, positioning it among the most expensive Indian films. The film’s potential for success hinges on sustained positive reception and continued audience engagement, aspects that will unfold over time.

Movie Budget 

Salaar, the highly anticipated action film, was crafted with an extensive budget, speculated to be in the range of ₹300 crores to ₹400 crores. This places it among the most expensive Indian movies to date. The exact budget remains undisclosed by the makers, adding an element of intrigue to the film’s production expenditure.

Despite the undisclosed budget, movie has already demonstrated its profitability, particularly evident in its remarkable Day 1 collection, exceeding 95 crores across all languages. The movie garnered significant pre-release popularity, with a substantial number of advance ticket sales, indicating the potential for movie to recoup its production costs within the initial weeks post-release. If the film sustains its audience appeal, it stands poised to achieve significant success, validating the substantial investment made by its creators.

Brief Salaar Movie Review movie’s release generated considerable anticipation even before hitting theaters, directed by Prashanth Neel and featuring Prabhas alongside a stellar cast including Shruti Haasan, Jagapathi Babu, and Prakash Raj. The film’s intriguing lineup heightened expectations, promising an enthralling cinematic experience.

Title: Salaar

Director: Prashanth Neel

Writer: Prashanth Neel

Producer: Vijay Kiragandur

Main Star: Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran

Music: Ravi Basrur

Production Company: Hombale Films Release

Date: 22 December 2023

Running Time: 177 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu Other Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam

Budget: ₹270 crore

Day 1 Expectation: ₹95 crores

Hit or Flop: Big Hit

Early reviews from both critics and audiences suggest that movie delivers on its promise of thrilling action and a compelling storyline. Prabhas, renowned for his action prowess, is anticipated to leave a lasting impression, and the chemistry between him and Shruti Haasan has been well-received. The film’s substantial budget and grand production values contribute to a visually stunning cinematic experience. While comprehensive reviews are pending, the positive initial reactions bode well for movie’s continued success as it unfolds in theaters in the days ahead.


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