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Salman Khan, Vijay Deverakonda, and Others Celebrities Who Ventured into the Fashion Industry with Their Own Clothing Brands 1

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan, Vijay Deverakonda, and Others: Notable Indian Celebrities Who Ventured into the Fashion Industry with Their Own Clothing Brands

For a significant number of Bollywood celebrities, fashion has evolved into a pursuit as crucial as their on-screen performances. Embracing a commitment to style, sustainability, and ethical practices, these public figures recognize their influence as agents of change. Consequently, many have ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, establishing their own fashion brands. Let’s explore five Indian celebrities who have taken on the responsibility of shaping their own brands.

 1)Salman Khan’s Being Human Brand

In 2007, Salman Khan broke new ground as one of the first superstars to delve into the fashion industry with the launch of his clothing brand, ‘Being Human.’ Driven by a philanthropic vision, the actor established the nonprofit Being Human Foundation in Mumbai as the bedrock of his charitable endeavors. The brand offers a stylish array of clothing for both men and women, with a percentage of sales directed towards charitable causes. Accessible through online platforms and nationwide retail stores, Being Human’s product line includes shorts, tees, and more. Notably, on Salman Khan’s birthday, December 27th, customers enjoy special discounts, adding a celebratory touch to the brand’s commitment to both style and giving back to society.

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2)Alia Bhatt’s Ed-A-Mamma

Ed-A-Mamma is a Mumbai-based clothing brand with a dual focus on children and environmental sustainability. Founded by Alia Bhatt in 2020, Ed-A-Mamma began as a philanthropic endeavor. Recognizing that children are inclined to protect what they hold dear, Alia Bhatt embarked on a mission to cultivate a world that fosters a deep appreciation for the natural environment. In alignment with this vision, she introduced her clothing brand of the same name, Ed-A-Mamma.

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3)Rwdy By Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda, The Real Business Star |

Vijay Deverakonda, the heartthrob with striking looks, has recently reintroduced his widely acclaimed clothing line, ‘Rwdy.’ Recognized for his impeccable sense of style, the superstar’s fashion choices have become a trend among today’s youth. In line with his influence and mindful of the preferences of the current generation, Vijay Deverakonda established Rwdy as a clothing brand. Rwdy provides a diverse range of contemporary outfits that seamlessly connect with the sensibilities of today’s audience.

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4)Rheson by Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor

In 2017, Sonam Kapoor, alongside her sister Rhea Kapoor, introduced the Indian clothing brand “Rheson.” Renowned for its chic collections featuring diverse styles, patterns, and contemporary silhouettes, Rheson stands out as a brand committed to quality. The brand’s fabrics are crafted from premium materials and thoughtfully designed to suit the refined tastes of modern women. The inception of this clothing line is attributed to Sonam Kapoor, a prominent Indian actress.

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5)House of Pataudi by Saif Ali Khan

Launched in 2018, the clothing line “House of Pataudi” emerged from a collaboration between acclaimed Indian actor Saif Ali Khan and the prominent fashion e-commerce platform, Myntra. The brand, inspired by the illustrious Pataudi family, seamlessly merges contemporary fashion sensibilities with traditional Indian handicrafts. With a rich history influenced by the iconic Pataudi legacy, House of Pataudi aims to provide a diverse range of apparel and accessories that harmoniously blend classic and modern styles.

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6) Saaki – Samantha

Founded in September 2020, Saaki is a clothing brand introduced by Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Specializing in a diverse array of ethnic and fusion wear, the brand provides a broad selection of clothing options.

Saaki, the brainchild of Samantha Ruth Prabhu, has rapidly gained prominence since its launch in September 2020. With a distinct focus on ethnic and fusion wear, the brand encapsulates Samantha’s unique sense of style and design philosophy. Saaki’s offerings extend beyond mere clothing; they embody a blend of tradition and modernity, catering to a diverse audience seeking both elegance and contemporary flair. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation positions it as a noteworthy player in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

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