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Shrimad Ramayan Producer’s Commitment to Quality VFX Amidst Challenges Post Adipursh(2023) Backlash Criticism”

Shrimad Ramayan
Shrimad Ramayan

Shrimad Ramayan Producer’s Commitment to Quality VFX Amidst Challenges Post Adipursh(2023) Backlash Criticism

Shrimad Ramayan” holds the promise of a well-received portrayal,Scheduled to debut in January,  , according to its confident producer, Siddharth Tewary, who remains undeterred by the earlier criticism faced by Prabhas-starrer Adipurush. In a recent interview with India Today, Tewary shared insights into his decision to back a mythological show, particularly after the scrutiny directed at Om Raut’s Adipurush earlier this year. Expressing an appreciation for the contemporary audience’s sensitivity towards religious and historical subjects, Tewary discussed the intricacies of navigating this delicate landscape.

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Addressing the potential doubts arising from the ‘negative noise around Adipurush,‘ Tewary stated, “I think it is the reason why I am doing it. I feel we need to do it at this time, not that I decided it (smiles). It just happened. But it’s the right scenario to let people know about the original story. I understand it’s tricky, there would be reactions coming in, but my intention is clear, and so I think I can tell this with a lot of pride.”


Siddharth Tewary, known for producing historical and mythological shows such as Mahabharat, Radha Krishna, and Porus, emphasized the meticulous efforts invested in “Shrimad Ramayan.” Regarding TV viewership, he acknowledged its mass appeal and assured that no corners would be cut in terms of VFX, storytelling, and casting. Devotion, divinity, and grandeur are non-negotiable elements, aimed at ensuring the show’s respectful representation and lasting love over the next two decades.

Reflecting on the controversies surrounding Adipurush, which narrates the victory of Lord Ram over the demon king Ravana, Tewary acknowledged the challenges faced by the film’s cast and crew. Despite Adipurush’s rocky journey, Tewary remains committed to delivering a respectful and comprehensible retelling of the Ramayana story through “Shrimad Ramayan.”

The cast of “Shrimad Ramayan” includes Sujay Reu and Prachi Bansal as Ram and Sita, with Nikitin Dheer portraying Ravan. Additional cast members include Basant Bhatt, Nikhlesh Rathore, Samarthya Gupta, Arav Chaudhary, Shilpa Saklani, and Nirbhay Wadhwa. The show is slated to commence on January 1, 2024, airing from Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

Earlier in the year, film enthusiasts anticipated a cinematic spectacle with Om Raut’s Adipurush, expecting a larger-than-life experience. However, despite its grand canvas, the movie fell short of expectations, delivering a weak narrative and modernized depictions of mythological characters, leaving audiences disappointed. As the timeless tale of Ramayan prepares for another cinematic interpretation under the direction of Nitesh Tiwari, Sony TV is set to present its own offering with the show ‘Shrimad Ramayan,’ scheduled to premiere on January 1, 2024.


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During the launch of the TV show, had an exclusive conversation with producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary, who discussed his decision to lead the show during a time when audiences are particularly sensitive about matters related to religion and history. With a track record of producing historical and mythological shows such as Mahabharat, Radha Krishna, and Porus, Tewary expressed his indifference to criticism, emphasizing the thorough preparation that has gone into the project.

“I appreciate the sensitivity of audiences towards the history of our country. It shapes our history, culture, and nation. There’s a reason why someone might feel offended. It’s not my intention to offend anyone; rather, I want them to come together and celebrate it with me. We have a dedicated research team, and every aspect of this show is meticulously vetted. If anyone raises a question tomorrow, we have an authentic source that we can rely on,” shared Tewary.

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